Untitled Youth Group

Untitled Youth Group (UYG) is not your average youth group. If you aren’t familiar with Youth Group’s in General here’s a general idea of what UYG is: a place where youth can get together and learn how to deal with life, get advice, and find hope according to what the Bible tells us. We love to sit in a circle and discuss, we have conversations, we try not to lecture too much (school does enough of that!) Oh… and eat pizza… and go see movies…. and go on trips… and stuff. #itslit 😀

Call Joshua for more information @ 305-799-7721


Jun 03 2021 - Apr 27 2022


7:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Iglesia Bautista Doral
8226 NW 14th Street, Doral FL 33126